Love your eyes

Our medically rated screen protectors filter out blue light, to protect your eyes and help you sleep

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Protect your eyes

From eye strain, and the bad things that go with it: headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, blurry vision.

Protect your sleep

Blue light makes your body forget when it’s bedtime. No blue light… doesn’t.

Protect your screen

Tough tempered glass – 5X stronger than traditional screen protectors.

True colours

No retro orange tinge. Same screen colours (unlike night mode).

For work

Modern work doesn’t work without screens. But the bad effects of all that blue light can have really bad effects on productivity.

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More time in front of screens = more blue light = more headaches and fatigue = lower productivity

For children

Homework, playtime… it all now happens on screens. And younger eyes are in bigger danger while they’re still developing.

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For anyone

Got eyes? Use screens?

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“Blue light from digital devices is a hazard to our health”

“Smartphone overuse may ‘damage’ eyes”

“Terrible night’s sleep? Blame your mobile phone”

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